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  • Guests Jogging at Dunes By Al Nahda A Luxury Resort in Wadi Al Abiyad Sands in Oman
  • Guests Playing Volleyball at Luxury Desert Resort in Oman
  • Adventurous Quad Biking in Deserts of Oman
  • Guests flying Candle Kite at Dunes By Al Nada in Oman
  • Guests Riding Bicycles at Dunes By Al Nahda in Deserts of Oman
  • Camel Rides For Guests at Luxury Desert Resort in Oman
  • Horse Riding Activity for Guests at Luxury Resort in Oman
  • Guests Working Out at the Gym in Luxury Desert Resort Oman
  • Spacial Ingredients for Spa at Dunes By Al Nahda
  • Guests Flying Kites at Luxury Desert Resort in Oman



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For our more energetic guests, our soon to open on-site Bunker Golf Course, as well as direct access to dune bashing and/or surfing, quad biking and all related desert sand dune based activities, will provide you with  all the resources needed to keep you active.

Our nine hole bunker golf course, the sole of its kind in the Sultanate of Oman, is the perfect answer for those wanting to play or try this novel offer, just steps from their tent and in a truly incredible setting. Experience the novelty of playing a combined green and brown tee course in the middle of the sand dune desert!

The Arabian Peninsula is famous for its camels, known as the ships of the desert, and they are even today a very important part of Omani life. Camel racing is taken very seriously and a fast camel is worth tens of thousands of Rials. Enjoy a ride on one of these majestic animals as it takes you through the sea of dunes and experience a touch of Omani heritage.


Sand Spa

An exclusive, ancient Egyptian hot sand therapy treatment only available at Dunes by Al Nahda, combining the beneficial effect of the heat of the sand with those of minerals naturally found in it, allowing the body’s pores to absorb all the benefits without undergoing uncomfortable temperature changes. A highly recommended therapeutic treatment to beautify the skin and relieve fatigue, mental and physical stress.

Activities for Kids

All children up to the age of sixteen can be kept busy in our Activities’ Centre area with its choice of games, activities and DVD’s.

Family Activities

Dunes by Al Nahda, as its sister property Al Nahda Resort & Spa, is a wonderful base for families of all ages. We always like to make our guests feel welcome, particularly our younger ones. Our team is on hand to make reservations for a family dinner, offer suggestions and reservations for days out, arrange a babysitter or dune bashing for the entire family! 

Our team will be pleased to suggest and help you arrange suitable activities for all ages.

Camel Riding

Camel riding is also available for a nominal charge – what better way to discover the sand dunes than riding a “ship of the desert?”


Our upcoming (November 2015) on-site Bunker Golf Course, unique in the GCC/Oman, is the perfect answer to those wanting to take a swing in the desert just steps from their tent… or just play in such an incredible surrounding! Experience the novelty of playing a combined green and brown tee bunker course in the middle of a sand dune desert whilst taking in the surrounding natural beauty of the undulating dunes!

For those more avid players wishing for a game in an 18 hole par 72 championship course, we are pleased to offer our guests the opportunity to play in either Muscat Hills Golf & Country Club or Al Mouj Golf at The Wave (Oman’s first PGA championship course) – enjoy breathtaking views over the city of Muscat or the excitement of playing directly by the sea shore, both courses only 75 minutes’ drive away! Please contact the reception desk for more information and tee time reservations.