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  • Guest receiving Spa wellness therapy in Luxury Desert Resort Dunes by Al Nahda in Oman
  • Guests receiving Sand Spa therapy in Luxury Desert Resort Dunes by Al Nahda in Oman
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Dunes by Al Nahda Spa Resort is proud to feature the hot sand therapy, Sand Spa – an ancient Egyptian, one of its kind wellness treatments available exclusively at our desert camp! This unique treatment combines the beneficial effect of the heat from the sand with those minerals naturally found in it, allowing the body’s pores to absorb it without undergoing uncomfortable temperature changes. Using our sunken hot sand tubs, you will be covered in sanitized sand up to your neck. Once this is done, we will gently wrap your head in soft fabric to help protect it from the particles and cover your eyes with chilled fruit wedges, applying a liquid aloe vera mask to your face. A mix of milk, wine and oils are then softly poured over the body area so these may filter down, your pores absorbing all the healing properties from the mix as well as from the naturally occurring minerals in the sand.

After 20 minutes of lying in the tub, you will be moved to a rest area and a creamy yogurt is applied to your body and allowing it to settle for an additional 15 minutes. Once removed, your body will feel fully energized and your mind relaxed. A body massage may also be requested for the ultimate in re-energizing relaxation.

We are also pleased to offer 05 additional, varied treatments to make the most of your spa experience whilst enjoying your stay at Dunes by Al Nahda.