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Safety & Hygiene
We are committed to our guest's safety and are adhering to all the necessary health, safety and hygiene guidelines.


 Lavish Omani Tent Palaces

Sojourning in the dunes is truly unforgettable, such an understatement! The ultra-luxurious Swiss tent palaces are richly adorned to welcome the King and Queen to the throne. As you step into your royal abode, you’ll be graced with dreamy ivory walls, plush rugs to pamper your feet at every step and a bed so large you’ll be nestled deep in its elegance. A mahogany desk and teak armchair will accommodate you when you want to fire up your laptop to take care of unfinished business.

Three classes of stay are predominant in this luxury resort in Oman. For a couple, the first in line standard sized luxury tent will fit the bill. However, do not mistake it as an entrant because the Cozier the area, the richer is the opulence.

A mid-size resort called Suite tent is the best bet for family trips because it can house more visitors. A family of four will enjoy to the fullest. You may employ your very own personal butler who attends to your beck and call without a sigh.

Lastly, the royal tent is the defining abode of royal escape. Indulgence so fine is barely legal. Larger beds with refined craftsmanship that adjusts to the body shape and memory foam layer that provides Zen-like coziness.

Three luxurious suites are available, each of them is culturally gilded with primeval oil lamps, kaleidoscopically embroidered carpets, and bedspread. You’ll experience a refreshing morning, as sunlight gleams through the glass window with slightly draped satin curtains.


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The sand dunes outside the property and next to Dunes by Al Nahda over the weekend (Friday and Saturday) can have a large amount of people enjoying Dune Bashing , this may at times result in a noisy atmosphere that leaks into Dunes by Al Nahda.

For guests looking for tranquility, calm , peace and quiet on their vacation at Dunes by Al Nahda , this may be a hindrance. For a peaceful and tranquil stay at Dunes By Al Nahda , we recommend a visit and stay during the weekdays from Sunday to Friday.


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