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Unpack the Punch

Dunes boasts of some of the world’s most hungered desert adventure sports there ever is. To set your heart racing, Dunes offers a mix of thrilling activities such as on-site Bunker Golf Course, Imperial Camel Ride, and thrilling Sand Dune Bashing along with many others to make you buzz with excitement.

Inside Resort Activities

Adrenaline-inducing desert adventure and sports

Move the needle of exhilaration by throttling a snappy quad-bike through the undulating dunes. Get a fix for your thirst for conquest by scaling towering sand mountains by pushing the gas on a power-packed truck. Other adventure activities include Kite-flying, bunker golf-course, and cycling, that will make you flutter in joy.

Imperial Camel Rides

Mount the hump-backed camel and take a pacifying ride along the desert. Considered one of the fastest mammals of the desert, you can fine-tune your experience at will to a more exhilarating one by adjusting the tempo. You decide the thrill!

Let the little ones engage

Family holidays are heart and soul of the Dunes. This private family hideaway will make an unforgettable tour because of its child-friendly activities to keep the little ones engaged. Who does not want a little privacy in secluded dominion in the heart of a dazzling desert?

Cooking Classes

Get a personal glimpse into the secret recipes that make Omani cuisine a sweetheart amongst its patron. Learn the art of seasoning, garnishing and cooking an aromatic native Omani meal to satiate the epicurean in you. Astounding underground oven cooking experience!

A nine-hole sand bunker golf course

Practice your shot and get enrolled with the fun of golf at our nine-hole sand bunker golf course. Try your swings with your friends or loved ones and make the most of your leisure time.

Sand volleyball

Try your smashes amidst the mesmerizing sand dunes and get the excitement on. Volleyball is a sport full of liveliness, and the fun accelerates when you roll around in the slippery sand and breathe in the joy of the moment.

Kite flying

Kite flying is an ancient sports, and you can get a kick out of it when visiting Dunes By Al Nahda. Try on your attempt to see how high your kite can make to soar into the sky. Learn the rules and regulations by our experts and get started with the fun.

Dune bashing

Experience the taste of Arabian adventure with dune bashing. An off-roading done amidst the dunes of sand can be an electrifying moment in your trip. Driving over sand dunes will take you on a never ending hoop of fun blast.

Barbeque under the stars

Indulge in the night adventure. The barbeque moments under the blanket of bright stars are bound to please the most demanding of tastebuds and adventure. Experience the unforgettable combination of authentic Omani food and jollification under the stars.


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The sand dunes outside the property and next to Dunes by Al Nahda over the weekend (Friday and Saturday) can have a large amount of people enjoying Dune Bashing , this may at times result in a noisy atmosphere that leaks into Dunes by Al Nahda.

For guests looking for tranquility, calm , peace and quiet on their vacation at Dunes by Al Nahda , this may be a hindrance. For a peaceful and tranquil stay at Dunes By Al Nahda , we recommend a visit and stay during the weekdays from Sunday to Friday.


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