Carved from the pen of luxury

A surreal hideaway

Discover a magical escape amidst the sun-kissed dunes of Oman where time stands still. Welcome to The Dunes by Al Nahda.

A bird’s-eye view of Dunes parallels a surreal canvas painting drawn to pique the curiosity of the most jaded eyes. Our tents are fully equipped with opulence and antiquity to make your stay euphoric. Our iconic resorts are peppered with luxury tents that pack a palace, with ultra-plush bedroom, interiors and all around individually controlled air-conditioning, so not a drop of sweat trickles from your skin.

The Dunes is built on the idea of providing authentic Omani experiences such as imperial camel riding, traditional camel farming, unmatched underground oven cooking classes, traditionally cooked savoury and customary dwelling in conventional Omani houses that greets you with artistic doors, and stirring aroma of Bakhoor (traditional scents).



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The sand dunes outside the property and next to Dunes by Al Nahda over the weekend (Friday and Saturday) can have a large amount of people enjoying Dune Bashing , this may at times result in a noisy atmosphere that leaks into Dunes by Al Nahda.

For guests looking for tranquility, calm , peace and quiet on their vacation at Dunes by Al Nahda , this may be a hindrance. For a peaceful and tranquil stay at Dunes By Al Nahda , we recommend a visit and stay during the weekdays from Sunday to Friday.


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