Unwind with an Ancient Egyptian Sand Spa, at our award-winning URU Spa!

A unique body rejuvenation therapy that will flush out every tiny vestige of harriedness and pain, thereby making you feel like a newborn again. You’ll be escorted to the Sand Spa by our trained masseuse. Calmly rest on a table while you’re hand-rubbed with essential oils, creams and honey. Next, after covering your face with a reinvigorating mask, you’ll nestle into warm sand Jacuzzi. After a few hours or as long as your skin demands, you’ll wiped clear of sand particles and have creamy yoghurt applied to your body. In less than an hour, you’ll be as refreshed as newborn. Your body will be tickled pink after it soaks in essential life nurturing minerals found in white sands.

Turn up the excitement with this new found vigor by indulging in our exclusive sand-spa.

Soak in the blissful nirvana induced from deeply locked secrets of ancient Egyptian Hot Sand therapy. Feel the ecstatic warmth of the sand and absorb vitalizing minerals from it. By carefully protecting your face and hair, you’ll have your body engulfed into the sand after applying a coat of essential reinvigorating oils, creams made from virgin milk and unadulterated honey to acutely reenergize your soul. In the second phase, you’ll have creamy yogurt applied to your body that’ll wring the minutest of stress from your body.

Want to feel refreshed?

Our soothing open sky spa with candle lit ambiance will truly halt the time in its track as you star-gaze in an enigmatic dark sky. Also, we have five other exotic treatments that will amp up the level of rejuvenation.


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