The award winning URU Spa is the only one in Oman to have an Egyptian Sand Spa which is the perfect way to get rid of pain and tightness in the muscles. Simply relax and let the warm sand with its vitalising minerals do its work.After the sand bath you will be given a massage, which benefits the soothing properties of the sand bath, leaving you rejuvenated and revived.


Guests can also choose from a selection of treatments to have in their rooms, these include:

1. Star Dust 90 minutes 95 RO
  • Powdered almonds and Silver Star dust.
  • The skin aglow, you feel pampered competes with the desert stars.
2. Velvet So Soft 90 minutes 95 RO
  • With hands so firm, the body gives into submissive pleasure.
  • Scrubbed and polished into velvet so soft nature herbs just do it so right.
1. Moon Beam 60 minutes 60 RO
  • Shine into the night lend the rays of your sparkling cheeks to the stars wild cactus restore youth to the tired face enlivens firms and repairs ageless.
Full Body Massage
1. Liquid Gold 60 minutes 60 RO
2. Arabian Night 60 minutes 60 RO

Want to feel refreshed?

Our soothing open sky spa with candle lit ambiance will truly halt the time in its track as you star-gaze in an enigmatic dark sky. Also, we have five other exotic treatments that will amp up the level of rejuvenation.


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The sand dunes outside the property and next to Dunes by Al Nahda over the weekend (Friday and Saturday) can have a large amount of people enjoying Dune Bashing , this may at times result in a noisy atmosphere that leaks into Dunes by Al Nahda.

For guests looking for tranquility, calm , peace and quiet on their vacation at Dunes by Al Nahda , this may be a hindrance. For a peaceful and tranquil stay at Dunes By Al Nahda , we recommend a visit and stay during the weekdays from Sunday to Friday.


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